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Spike & Caz

Wall Frieze Reviews

  • Sunday 20th October 2013

    Parents in Touch Online Magazine

    A beautifully created frieze, full of delicate drawings (with lots of detail to spot) and excellent photos, all on good quality card. I would love to see this used in the Reception classroom, not simply as a wall frieze on its own (although it is great for that) but to be part of a nature table display so the children could be encouraged to bring in relevant objects, pictures etc. It would be a lovely way to get them involved and to help them appreciate the beauties of nature. Everything on the frieze can easily be seen in the world around (or above) us so it’s really relevant to children. Perfect for a child’s bedroom wall too and again children could be encouraged to create relevant collections – as there are seven sections, if space is limited, collect for four letters at a time. A most attractive way to learn the alphabet.

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  • Monday 1st July 2013

    Bird Watching Magazine

    Children have always been fascinated by nature, but nowadays it seems that fewer and fewer of them actually get to experience it first-hand by venturing out to explore the wildlife that lives just outside their front doors.

    Fine Feather Press’s new range of books aims to change that, by helping children identify with the world around them and get them outside.

    The books, which include titles on birds, butterflies, garden wildlife and flowers, along with flashcards and a puzzle book, contain illustrations and information, as well as stickers and tick lists. The books and cards are designed to be both fun and educational, and to inspire a love of nature from an early age.

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