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Let’s Look Reviews

  • Monday 4th August 2014

    Let’s Look in Woods & Forests by Fine Feather Press is a sticker and activity play book that focuses on getting children outside to enjoy nature, exploring birds, bugs and leaves in their natural habitat, the forest. Guiding children through the woods and forests, the play book gives readers woodland facts allowing them to learn as they play – from what a squirrels nest is called, to other names for foxgloves and how old the oldest tree in the world is. A tick sheet of common woodland creatures and plants can also be found, along with stickers to decorate a forest at the back of the book. Let’s Look in Woods & Forests helps young children to learn more about the inhabitants and fruits of the forest as they’re introduced to this exciting natural world, making this the perfect gift for children aged four to eight.

  • Saturday 5th July 2014

    Primary Times

    Are you planning on spending a hot summer’s day down at the beach with the children? If so, Let’s Look on the Seashore is an excellent stick and play book to make that experience all the more enjoyable for young ones. It contains a list of animals and plants that one might see in the rockpools, on the sand, or in the ocean, along with colourful pictures to make it easier for children, and 30 stickers of these creatures for them to have fun with. Children learn and have fun at the same time, whilst being outside in nature. There are more “Let’s Look” books for other places and occasions, such as Let’s Look on the Farm and Let’s Look for Wildflowers.

  • Tuesday 1st July 2014

    BBC Wildlife Magazine

    This charming sticker book offers an introduction to the UK coastal habitats suitable for four- to eight-year olds. It includes an illustrated spotter’s guide and a list of amazing seashore facts – did you know that cowrie shells were once used as currency?

  • Monday 5th May 2014

    Blackbird Pie

    A new, small, award-winning publisher and a very traditional but down-to-earth series of “spot and learn, stick and play” books (there are seven other titles). Beautifully photographed on very thick paper, good basic information and a fold-out to arrange your stickers. Essential for exploring beaches.

  • Wednesday 5th February 2014

    Here at Bookbag we don’t normally cover sticker books but with the school holidays coming up we couldn’t resist a series of books which just might get children away from the computer and out in the fresh air doing something interesting – and which might even be gently educational. We’ve seen four books in the Let Look on the… series and Let’s Look on the Farm is an good example of the series.

    The format is simple. You start with a paperback book of A4 size, but with a cover that’s rather more substantial than usual. There’s an introduction to the location – in this case the farm, with its different crops and animals followed by more detail as the page is turned. Some ‘Amazing Farm Facts’ cover more than just the basics, such as the fact that carrots were sometimes purple rather than orange and hens often cluck as they lay their eggs.

    Next up is a double-page spread of animals and crops for you to spot and tick off and then a some harder items to find. In the centre of the book is a sheet of thirty stickers which will detach without causing any damage – and at the back of the book there’s a fold-out farmscape on which you can place your stickers. The illustrations are good – and the stickers do, which can’t always be said.

    The series will interest children up to the age of seven or eight, with a not unreasonable cover price.

  • Monday 1st July 2013

    Bird Watching Magazine

    Children have always been fascinated by nature, but nowadays it seems that fewer and fewer of them actually get to experience it first-hand by venturing out to explore the wildlife that lives just outside their front doors.

    Fine Feather Press’s new range of books aims to change that, by helping children identify with the world around them and get them outside.

    The books, which include titles on birds, butterflies, garden wildlife and flowers, along with flashcards and a puzzle book, contain illustrations and information, as well as stickers and tick lists. The books and cards are designed to be both fun and educational, and to inspire a love of nature from an early age.

  • Saturday 15th June 2013

    Parents in Touch Online Magazine

    These books have sturdy card pages that mean they can be used repeatedly and still retain their glossy attractive appearance – Caz Buckingham’s designs and illustrations are exceptional. 30 common butterflies are featured with stickers for each and a meadow scene to complete. Information includes parts of a butterfly, facts, food and life cycle. Also available Let’s Look For Wild Flowers and Let’s Look For Garden Wildlife – together, the series makes an excellent way to encourage children to get outside and enjoy wildlife.

  • Saturday 15th June 2013

    Parents in Touch Online Magazine

    Children always enjoy “I Spy” type books and they do offer a great incentive for children to get out and observe the world around them. Having said that, the quality of the illustrations far exceeds what you would expect from an “I Spy” book and these are definitely books to keep for reference, even if you are lucky enough to have spotted everything.

  • Thursday 6th June 2013

    Selected by Julia Eccleshare:
    Parents can finally breathe a sigh of relief: there’s a new way to entice children outside and give them something fun to do. Each of the first four titles in this new nature series is packed with different animal and flower species to find, fascinating facts, a fold-out sticker scene and over 30 reusable stickers.

  • Friday 24th May 2013

    Regatta Online Magazine Blog

    I came across a delightful set of nature activity packs and books this week – and I found myself suddenly transported back to my childhood; to days of I Spy and treasure hunts! Bliss!

    Published by Fine Feather Press, a series of Let’s Look nature books – including Garden Birds, Wild Flowers, Butterflies and Garden Wildlife – are far from today’s electronic wizardry. But the beautifully produced books are somehow better because they are not digitally produced!

    I can see children being engaged by these books, which are stuffed full of beautiful illustrations and stickers. (Every age loves stickers!) Parents can help kids to spot that various flora and fauna and help them to learn about, for example, bird noises and flower pollinators.

    There are tick boxes for the wildlife spotted and pages for creating a sticker display.

    If you’re a parent who is keen to get your kids outdoors, these books could be a great aid and attraction.

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