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Get Out Reviews

  • Friday 26th August 2016


    This gorgeous activity book is divided into four; there is a chapter for each season. Children are presented with animals, plants and objects to look for or listen out for, with the proviso that they shouldn’t collect or eat anything that they find. There’s a lovely variety of activities: spot the difference; colour and complete the pictures; true or false questions; find the matching pairs; spot the odd one out and guess an object’s identity from its close up. Oh, and there’s also the delightful Whose Poos? activity where you’re asked to match the animal to its droppings! A page guaranteed to be popular with children.

    The book is produced to a very high standard: it’s full colour throughout, there’s lots of gorgeous photography and the paper is high quality, which is important because there’s a lot for children to colour in and complete themselves.

    This is an excellent book to pique children’s interest in nature and it may just tempt them away from their iPads and computer screens and out into the great outdoors.

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  • Tuesday 1st July 2014

    The Onion Magazine

    Pencils at the ready! This book is absolutely bursting with things for children to do. Split into the four seasons, this nature book has 44 pages of mazes, memory games, matching, colouring-in pages, join the dots, riddles and word games. Some of the images used are quite refreshingly grown-up such as barbel and dunnock, rather than “fish” and “bird” and the illustrations are a delightful combination of photographs and drawings. It also comes with a lovely wallchart/poster so that sightings can be satisfyingly ticked off.
    Reviewed by Jessica Harding

  • Wednesday 30th October 2013

    National Geographic Kids Magazine

    If you’re nutty about nature and potty about puzzles, then this beautiful book is for you! Explore the seasons with pictures, activities and games all about the great outdoors. There’s even an amazing wall chart tucked into a secret pocket, featuring seasonal plants and animals for you to find and tick off. It’s a wild read!

  • Tuesday 30th July 2013

    Books for Keeps Magazine

    5/5 star rating

    How do you foster young children’s interest in the natural world? This beautifully designed and produced book helps start the process by encouraging the careful observation of the plants, animals and weather conditions typical of each season. It provides interesting nature-based activities including: help the worker bee through the honeycomb maze; assign animals to the right family group; add the appropriate beaks to drawings of different birds and solving nature riddles. Part of becoming a young naturalist involves learning about the ways in which we categorise the natural world…But the aesthetic aspects – the sheer beauty of the changing seasons and weather conditions as well as the attractiveness of living things – have been a concern of this author and illustrator. So we have exquisite illustrations of grasses, shells and leaves as well as many appealing pictures of creatures. These illustrations are a lyrical combination of artwork and photography and all have been created especially for the book. No picture banks used here!

    Poets illuminate our understanding of nature as well as scientists and so we find included Robert Louis Stevenson’s Bed in Summer which captures a child’s yearning to stay up on light summer nights. I also like the invitation to fill in the spaces in the down to earth Nature’s Code poem.

    A fold-out wall chart shows the plants and animals associated with each season and would be a helpful resource in a nursery or early years classroom. But this book and wall chart package would also support a family helping children to learn more about nature by enjoying together the activities which are the backbone of what is on offer here. It has the charm and individuality of another era while also offering quality information and insight into the natural world. It is the sort of nature book I would have loved to have been given as a child. MM

  • Tuesday 30th July 2013

    BBC Wildlife Magazine

    Packed with exciting nature activities, this beautiful book will keep children aged 5–10 entertained for hours. Authors Caz Buckingham and Andrea Pinnington have created mazes, riddles, quizzes and drawing games that burst with colour and include engaging wildlife facts to intrigue young minds.

  • Monday 1st July 2013

    Guardian Review

    This is a fantastic book! I love it, the kids haven’t a clue what to make of it and I won’t let them ruin it with their random scribbles. It claims to be a highly original collection of nature based activities to inspire a love of the outdoors. Well, job well done, it’s gorgeous and jam packed with fun and games. There is also a big fold-out poster with lots of picture of wild life and animals on it. It’s making me want to move to the countryside. If your wee ones love nature or you just want to introduce them to it and don’t know where to start, this book would be a good buy.
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  • Monday 1st July 2013

    Bird Watching Magazine

    Children have always been fascinated by nature, but nowadays it seems that fewer and fewer of them actually get to experience it first-hand by venturing out to explore the wildlife that lives just outside their front doors.

    Fine Feather Press’s new range of books aims to change that, by helping children identify with the world around them and get them outside.

    The books, which include titles on birds, butterflies, garden wildlife and flowers, along with flashcards and a puzzle book, contain illustrations and information, as well as stickers and tick lists. The books and cards are designed to be both fun and educational, and to inspire a love of nature from an early age.

  • Saturday 15th June 2013

    Parents in Touch Online Magazine

    Like the other books by Fine Feather Press, this book is a delight with its charming design. It’s packed with nature activities that will encourage families to get out and about enjoying the world around us. It’s a combination of spotter’s guide and activity book which takes the reader through the seasons, spotting wildlife and enjoying a rich variety of activities including puzzles, drawing, colouring and writing about nature. The approach is very original and I love the friendly approach of the text. There’s a nature wall chart as well. An excellent way to engender a love of nature and thoroughly enjoyable.

  • Friday 24th May 2013

    Regatta Online Magazine Blog

    For older children, a puzzle and games book called Get Out is perfect for bank holiday weekends or school holiday entertainment. Getting the kids to ditch their electronic games consoles and out and about looking at wildlife and nature has to be a good thing! The Get Out book has spotting, drawing and guessing games as well as stickers – everyone loves stickers! – and a lovely nature wall chart.

    Get Out Nature Puzzles and Games on test

    Handing an old-fashioned style book to a child could go badly wrong in the 21st century. Many kids are so focused on electronics and digital productions that a book could be tossed into the corner of their bedroom and forgotten about because it’s seemingly so dated. But we took our chances and handed the Get Out activity book to eight-year-old Sam. She immediately liked the look of the book. Phew!

    Watching her investigate the book, she was drawn to the puzzles and games and carefully chose her first few tasks: Find the matching pairs of shells, Help the worker bee out of the maze and Name that group of animals (a multi choice game). Next she pulled the Nature Wall Chart from the back folder of the book and spent time considering the wildlife she already knew and others that she had never seen. A promise from dad, John, to spot more of this wildlife in the school holidays made her smile.

    Sam said: “This is a fun book. I like the pictures. There is lots to do in it and it makes me more interested in wildlife. I want dad to go with me to the countryside to learn more now.”

    John reported that the activity book kept Sam busy over a weekend, with still more games left to do. He said: “Sam liked the different types of games and the chance to draw. She really likes drawing. She also learned a lot and kept coming to tell me about different types of birds and animals. I am surprised that she enjoyed this book so much because she would normally prefer to be playing a games console. I am impressed.”

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