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All the photographs that appear in our books have been taken by us. When not in front of our computers, we can be found, cameras in hand, scouring the countryside for interesting things to add to our database.

Andrea Pinnington

Andrea taking a picture of Caz taking a picture of Andrea

Caz Buckingham

Caz taking a picture of Andrea taking a picture of Caz

Bird Images

  • hen chick

    hen chick

  • Aylesbury duck

    Aylesbury duck

  • coot nest

    coot nest

  • carrion crow

    carrion crow

  • oystercatcher eggs

    oystercatcher eggs

  • woodpecker feathers

    woodpecker feathers

  • kestrel hovering

    kestrel hovering

  • long-tailed tit

    long-tailed tit

  • nesting magpie

    nesting magpie

  • European robin

    European robin

  • flock of starlings

    flock of starlings

  • pair of swans

    pair of swans

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